Welcome to my site. All stories © Ellis Reed. Illustrations by Marisa Bruno.

Latest Stories

Shallow Man

“Water runs from his waterproof sleeves. His shapeless hat is almost a hood. I can see his face because he’s looking right at me. As he does, I hear (or think I hear) an echo of the playground chant: ‘Shallow Man, Shallow Man’—distant and shrill—almost lost in the sound of the rain….”

Deep Summer Magic

“We heard a blood-curdling scream behind us. It grew in volume as we exploded through the door and into the night. It followed us through the dark trees, all the way to the river…”

The Goosebumps Were Right

“When it’s late at night and I can’t sleep—when I open my eyes to the lukewarm pressure of the dark—I remember what happened with a cold thrill of fear, and wonder if I’ll ever sleep soundly again…”


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